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Custom Home Builders Spokane

Builder of the year 2009Georgen Homes has built over 350 Spokane homes in the Greater Spokane area since 1993.  They are known as one of the quality custom home builders in Spokane with competitive pricing..  “We offer some of the most competitively priced homes in Spokane,” says Bruce Georgen, President of Georgen Homes “In fact, we often encourage our clients to shop around so that they can see the value and quality of what we deliver.”

Custom home builders in Spokane Washington compared to other midsized cities around the country are still very affordable.  That says that the City of Spokane is still a good investment and with today’s low interest rates there is no better time to buy a built green home from Georgen Homes (new home builders).

Built Green Homes

The strength of Georgen Homes is in providing the best possible product at the best possible price and doing it from a foundation of trust and solid communication – making the home building/buying experience an enjoyable and rewarding one for each client.  Georgen simplifies the construction process for its clients by standing behind each home and communicating openly how important their home is to them.  Customer satisfaction is critical to long term success and Georgen Homes has understood that for years.

New Home Builders

Bruce Georgen has been very active in the Spokane County building industry for years.  He served as President of the Spokane Home Builder’s Association in 2008-9 and has served on multiple committees and boards since 2004 both in Spokane County and state-wide. 

Georgen Homes has also won numerous awards including Builder of the Year in Spokane in 2009 as well as additional awards in 2011 for "Best Design" and "People's Choice" in the Fall Festival of Homes.

To learn more, here is a video that has been featured on the Builder’s Blocks on Comcast Video on Demand (just enter '8-8-8' on your Comcast remote) that will introduce you to Bruce and give you a chance to learn more about one of the best custom home builders in Spokane and get a sense for the true passion behind their custom residential homes.

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